Demo . 2010-2011

Ren1 . 6/2010

Ren2 . 10/2010

Ren3 . 5/2011

Ren4 . 7/2011

Ren5 . 11/2011

Jud Art . 6/2012

Mural Restoration

Transfer Book

Judicial Art Book

2010 - 2012

photographer: Neil Chapman

assistant: Erica Rice

Transfer of the Oklahoma Courts, from the Capitol to the new Judicial Center

The website was created as a resource for those interested in viewing renovation images of the Oklahoma Judicial Center.

My involvement with the Oklahoma courts began in June of 2010. The beginning process of moving the courts from their original location, inside the capitol building, into a newly renovated building, now called the Oklahoma Judicial Center.

This project transition is a photo document in four parts:

  1. 1)photograph the previous courtrooms;

  2. 2)photograph new building site in process;

  3. 3)portraits of Justices, Judges and workers;

  4. 4)finally, renovated building completed.