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Endangered Oklahoma Heritage Horses


Michael & Francine Bray

Maila Coleman

Harold & Donna Davis

Bryant and Darlene Rickman

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Spanish Colonial Mustangs called Choctaw Horses

The purpose for this site is to highlight the photo-project Oklahoma Choctaw Horses. Their name was derived from a horse lineage traced back before the Trail of Tears. The Choctaw Indians (as well as other tribes) acquired horses during Spanish conflicts. In the southeastern area they were called Spanish Colonial horses. However, once the Choctaw owned the horses, bred them (only within their herd) and kept meticulous breeding records, these horses came to be known as Choctaw Ponies.

After 400 years their numbers have dwindled from thousands to a few hundred. Many died in the Indian migration during the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma. However, recently in 2014 this horse was officially recognized as the Oklahoma Heritage horse. A few of the largest herds are now located near Antlers, Oklahoma. There are now just over 500 horses in these Oklahoma herds; in short, they are endangered. The funds and land to support their numbers have diminished to the point that outside help is needed. My goal is to photograph these beautiful animals so others can experience their elegance and character.

More detailed information can be found on the Spirit of Blackjack Mountain website. Donations, adoption, purchase of the horses can also be found on this site. Proceeds to go to the non-profit 501(C)3 to support and feed the horses.