Garry Winogrand

Garry's passion, like Mary Ellen Mark, is what I have tried to emulate over the years. His connection with people on the street has been inspirational.

Manuel Alvarez Bravo 1983

This meeting ranks high on my list of great honors. I was able to spend half a day with Mr. Bravo.

He purchased two prints. I hated to cash this check as it had his signature on it.

Neal Slavin, Barbara Crane, Marion Patterson,

Ansel Adams, John Sexton

Neal Slavin was the first major photographer to take a personal interest in my work and offer his help.

Marion Patterson

Marion had great insight and I still find her thought provoking comments come to mind whenever I get frustrated or disappointed.

Henry Gilpen

Henry loved showing prints to students.

He was one of the first to exchange prints with me.

Eileen Cowin 1984

Taken while a grad student CSUF. What I valued most about Eileen was her passion.

Cole Weston

Dawna and I enjoyed Coles friendship. He was a great storyteller with a wicked sense of humor.

Barbara Crane, Ansel Adams, Marion Patterson and Don Worth

. . . they were a great inspiration to my early work.

Myself and Robert Routh (Monterey Workshop) 1981

Robert Routh helped me become a teacher. He saw something in me and encouraged my interest greatly. Monterey WS was one of several times when we team taught together. He was an important mentor and best friend.

David Drake

John Charles Woods

John Sexton

Mary Ellen Mark 2009

Mary Ellen Mark has always been one of my favorite photographers. Ward 81 is a book in my library I viewed the most over the years.

Ansel Adams 1982

Ansel was talking to a group of us about the zone system. I learned the value of discipline from his system.

Ray McSavaney

We conducted workshops together, photographed two projects together, critiqued each other's work and discussed life, philosophy and art. He is a friend to whom I owe much; I miss him.

David Drake, a mentor; and a teacher I most wanted to be like. Also greatly missed by many. John Sexton and John Charles Woods were two friends at Cypress College; I learned much from all three.

Darryl Curran, Vida Freeman, Jimmi Jenkins

My Grad committee at CSUF - - a great team, I learned much from them and appreciated their guidance.

One of the most asked question from my students: Who were your influences?

It is always an honor to acknowledge those who impact our careers.

- to them I give my sincere acknowledgement and thanks.